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Finnish Footballers on Twitter: Who Should you Follow?

Making a list of professional Finnish footballers on Twitter is hard because there are thousands of them to choose from. [Fill in awkward silence]. Here is a list of 15 professional Finnish footballers on Twitter, accompanied by our expert analysis on the content of their tweets. These Finnish footballers are ranked from the least entertaining/interesting to the most interesting accounts.…

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Finns to Follow on Instagram - The Best Finnish IG Galleries

Finns to Follow on Instagram – The Best Finnish IG Galleries

Since joining Instagram, I have stumbled upon a lot of great Instagram galleries. However, some are simply better than others. Sometimes the best or most entertaining photos on Instagram seem to be ones taken by amateur photographers, at other times I find some absolutely wonderful photos by professional photosgraphers that just leave us with our mouths open. So, here are the Finns to follow on…

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5 amazing time-lapse videos of Finland


Finland is known for both its beautiful nature and for being a front-runner in technology, so it is not surprising to see a lot of amazing high-quality time lapse videos of Finland on Youtube. However, not all of them are great, so we spent some time compiling a list of the absolutely top ones, so you don’t waste any time. So, here are the most incredible time lapse videos of Finland on Youtube,…

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